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Fondant Lime Slice Tutorial

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

I scoured the interwebs for a tutorial when I started this cake, but couldn't find anything except for a lime/lemon sliced in a flat circle. The challenge was making sure I could achieve the triangle shape, but also make sure it was circular. I was so close to making a life sized lime, and slicing it up into pieces. Then I decided to play around with my circle cutter, and this is what I came up with!!

Start with a ball of fondant. This was larger than what I needed, but I ended it trimming it down later.

Place your ball inside of your circle cutter-the one I used was just under 2 1/2 inches.

Use your thumb to flatten down one side of the fondant, while pushing the other side up the side of the circle cutter.

Remove the cutter, and use your thumb and fondant smoother to taper off the edge of the lime-make it as thin as possible at the edge.

Use a slightly smaller circle to create and indention toward the edge of the lime. This will be the line that separates the green part from the white rind.

Use a Dresden tool to make the main lines of the lime. I chose to make 4 sections.

Use a veining tool to make more lines throughout the fruit. Make sure you start at the rind, and follow the main lines down to the bottom. If you push hard, you will probably flatten out the edge even more, which is fine, just trim the excess with a knife.

For the color I used a mixture of yellow and lime green dust mixed with vodka. You could also use airbrush colors diluted with vodka as well.

Next, roll out the tiniest piece of fondant string you possibly can-it doesn't have to be pretty or even either!

Lay the string along the main lines of the lime.

Next, roll out a piece of darker green fondant. You can texture this with a textured roller, or even a piece of waded up aluminum foil.

Wet the outer edge of the lime and place it on top of the green fondant. Use a scalpel, knife, or scissors to cut along the edge of the lime to remove the excess.

Finish off by touching up any white spots, and even dusting the green fondant to make it look a bit more realistic.

I coated the whole lime slice with Poppy Paint to give it a wet look. (Link below for a different brand of Confectioner's Glaze that will work just as well!)

Perfect for a Tequila themed cake!

Affiliate links below for the products used in this tutorial-thanks for your support!

For an edible shine!

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