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Fondant Mahi Fish Tutorial

This Mahi fish is made out of rice krispy treats, ganache, and fondant. No supports (or bones) whatsoever/ It's completely edible, and delicious!!

All you need is:

2 large rice krispy treats (RKT)

Ganache (or buttercream)


Airbrush system

Yellow, green, and bright blue airbrush color

First start with your rice krispy treats side by side. You can add a bit of ganache between then to ensure they stick together.

Form your RKT into the general body shape of the Mahi.

Cover your RKT with a bit of ganche or buttercream. A light coat will do, since the fish doesn't have to be completely smooth.

Add a tail onto the body of your fish that tapers at the end and goes up just a bit.

Add your bottom lip.

Use it as a guide to cut out the mouth using a knife or razor, and add an upper lip for your fish.

Cover the whole body in fondant. You shouldn't need any water or glue, because the chocolate should be a bit tacky.

Side Note: The brand of fondant I use is PHENOMENAL!! I never have any elephant skin, it's super stretchy, and I can roll it super thin without it breaking at all. It does not dry out super fast, but it also holds up really for modeled figures. (Link below)

Fold the fondant into the crevices, use your hands or a tool to smooth it out as best you can.

I also covered the bottom (separately) that way it could be placed on top of the cake without the RKT or chocolate leaving a mark.

You should still be able to shape your fish even more at this point. The RKT may show through a bit, but that's totally fine because we're going to cover it up with color it anyway!

Roll out a log for the top fin.

Keeping one side thick, use you rolling pin to thin out the top part of your fin.

Here is the general shape it should be. You may want to trim it down to your liking!

Trim the bottom (the thicker part) so it is flat and can be attached to your fish easily. Then use a veining tool to make some textured lines in the fin.

Secure your fin to the top of your fish with a bit of water.

Make a small indentation for the eyes.

Add a bit of black fondant.

Add gills with a Dresden tool.

Cut out long triangles for the fins. I added a bit of CMC powder to make my fondant a bit stronger for this part.

Shape the fins for a more realistic look.

Use water or gum glue to glue on the fins

Prop up the fins for about 5 minutes

Coloring the fish: (Video below!)

I used Chef Masters airbrush paint for this project. (Link below) The colors were Hawaiian blue, canary yellow, and spring green. I accidentally got a bit more green on the top fin than I would have liked, so make sure your airbrush is set to do a thin stroke to avoid this! The splatter at the end is the same Hawaiian blue.

Finished product!

If you want to add a bit of wetness to the eyes, use Poppy Paint clear for that effect!

A few more tools I used for this project. (Affiliate links-thanks for your support!)

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