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Fondant Mahi Fish Tutorial

This Mahi fish is made out of rice krispy treats, ganache, and fondant. No supports (or bones) whatsoever/ It's completely edible, and delicious!!

All you need is:

2 large rice krispy treats (RKT)

Ganache (or buttercream)


Airbrush system

Yellow, green, and bright blue airbrush color

First start with your rice krispy treats side by side. You can add a bit of ganache between then to ensure they stick together.

Form your RKT into the general body shape of the Mahi.

Cover your RKT with a bit of ganche or buttercream. A light coat will do, since the fish doesn't have to be completely smooth.

Add a tail onto the body of your fish that tapers at the end and goes up just a bit.