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How to Display your Wedding Cake

The way you display your wedding cake is something that can be easily overlooked amongst all the other details you need to worry about on your wedding day. And if this is your first wedding, there are so many details you don't even realize you need to worry about until it's mentioned. Let's look at some different options and things to consider when you are planning out the look of your reception, and how you want your cake to be presented.


The first thing you need to decide is where you want your cake to be displayed.

Some venues have a permanent table for the cake that cannot be moved, but most venues offer some flexibility as far as arranging the tables go.

Do you want the cake to be the first detail that your guests see when they walk into the venue? Do you want it to be on display in the middle of the room as a centerpiece, or in front of a window with a gorgeous view? Do you want only the front of the cake to show, or do you want your guests to be able to walk all the way around the cake and admire it from all angles?

One of my favorite compliments I receive as a cake artist, is when my couples come back and say that their cake was the talk of the night, and that their guests kept coming up to admire it.

You definitely do not want to make the cake difficult to see, or even difficult to get to. Your cake is meant to not only be a delicious treat, but also a work of art to be admired. Cake placement and design go hand in hand. If you are planning on a 360 view of your cake, make sure you choose a design that is going to make sense from all the way around. There can be no back of the cake, so it may be more expensive to go this route.

For example: This cake is front displayed so the sugar flowers do not go all the way around the whole cake. If this cake was put in the middle of the room, than the flowers should go all the way around the cake.

Cake Table Details

Another detail to consider is the size of the cake table. If the table is quite a bit larger than the cake, than your cake may get lost, feel small, or even incomplete. (See the difference below!)

Adding some flowers, votives, candles, or greenery can make a big difference in making your cake table look complete and intentional.

Definitely discuss your cake table expectations with your wedding planner and your baker!

Photos: Amanda Zabrocki Photography

Using A Cake Stand

Choosing the right cake stand is an important detail when it comes to displaying your cake. I almost always recommend using a cake stand to present your cake for aesthetic purposes. It will give your cake some added height as you'll want it to stand out between all the chairs, tall centerpieces, candles, flowers etc. Also, it makes the cake look so much more elegant being on a stand or a pedestal of some kind.

Most wedding bakers will have stands available to rent, but you can also check with your venue as well in case they allow you to use their inventory. If you are getting your own stand be sure to check the size with your baker to ensure it is large enough for your cake.

Best, Emily

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