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My Favorite Amazon Cake Tools 2023

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

l know the right tools can help make you successful!

Here are some of my absolute favorite tools I use everyday to make my job as easy as possible.

For clean sharp buttercream edges

I use Cake Safe acrylic discs for ALL of my cakes! I have 2 sets of each size from 4"- 12".

I prefer the .25 size because my recipes tend to shrink a bit

Cake Drums

Don't walk. RUN to Amazon and purchase these Cakebon cake drums!!

They are so sturdy, you don't need to cover the edge with a ribbon, AND you will not have any grease marks from buttercream on these drums.

I will forever use these!!

The only Fondant I use!

Satin Ice Tropical fondant is absolutely PERFECT for humid weather! It is stable, and it doesn't dry out quickly, or get elephant skin. I also use this to model figures

For printing out edible images

For Sugar Flowers

26 gauge for petals

18 gauge for stems

Other tools I use daily!

I always have surgical grade scalpels on hand. I use these for clean cut edges on fondant covered cakes, and for cutting out fondant pieces.

Tappits are the most versitile font for any celebration cake

My dresden tool is like an extension of my hand when it comes to deorating cakes

I love all the metallic colors that Bakell offers!

For cake scraps :)

Ingredient Staples

I don't buy many ingredients on Amazon, but when I do, it's because it's either the best price, or because I need it in a pinch

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