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5 Ways to Check Out Your Wedding Bakery Before You Book

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Weddings are a big investment in general, so it's beneficial to work with high quality,

reputable vendors to ensure you get the absolute best for your most special day.

This is most likely your first time planning a wedding, so it can quickly get overwhelming with all the options that are out there! There are general rules to follow when picking out your vendors, so while this list can also be used as a guide for choosing many vendors, it is specific for choosing your baker.

1. Look at their previous work

Not all bakeries are created equally. While some bakeries specialize in wedding cakes, others focus more on cupcakes, dessert bars, pastries, or even smaller cakes. Try to find a bakery that has plenty of experience in what you're looking for. It will narrow down your options, and make sure you're not disappointed with the result. Do they do a lot of tiered cakes? Are their white cakes clean looking? Texture options? Do they copy a lot of cakes, or present their own original designs? Do they have a lot of dessert bar platters for you to rent?

2. Check out their Reviews

Previous clients of the bakery you're researching will give you some nice insight as to what to expect. Even if you stumble across one or two negative remarks, take a minute to dig a bit deeper to check the credibility of those complaints. Most reviews can be found on Facebook, Wedding Wire, the Knot, Google, and even local publications such as Marry Me Tampa Bay.

3. Look at overall style, and how they stand out

You have taken the time to carefully curate the look and feel for your wedding, so when choosing a baker look at their overall style and see if it fits your vision. Even if you're not well versed on cake lingo, you should definitely be able to scroll through their Instagram and be able to get a feel for their overall style. Most seasoned bakers will not copy cakes off of Pinterest but put their own personal style into their craft. So make sure their style lines up with yours!

These days couples tend to want something original, and many businesses (bakeries included) have had to niche down in order to be as successful in their craft as possible. Some bakeries are known for their bold and daring flavors, or their all scratch recipes. Other cake decorators may offer unique decorating styles, like bright, colorful designs or high quality sugar flowers. ( Learn more about sugar flowers here!)

Your cake will be the centerpiece for your reception that guests will want to admire it up close!

4. See if they offer tastings

Wedding Bakeries will definitely have a way for you to taste their products. This will not only help you narrow down your flavor choices, but will allow you to go over all the details of your wedding day. This also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and see if you're a good fit. Some designers will sketch your cake on the spot, while others will send a sketch along with your quote after the meeting. This will allow you to make an educated decision before locking them into your date!

5. What is their cake minimum or starting prices?

There is no denying that seasoned vendors will cost more than those just starting out, and overall talent will be factor in pricing as well. As I mentioned earlier not all bakeries are equal. If you're looking for a Pinterest perfect cake with all the bells and whistles, than make sure before you book your tasting that you have the budget to back it up. If your budget is on the lower side, than definitely inquire about some thing like a naked cake, or even a single tier with cupcakes.

Although many wedding bakeries offer kitchen cakes to supplement larger guest counts, please do not fall for the myth that dummy cake + kitchen cakes = saving money. Just opt for a smaller cake in general, or be creative with other dessert options.


Most bakeries will work with you if you just communicate your needs. If you have received a quote, and it's just too high, then ask how you can scale it down to fit your budget!

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